We at Bachie Sealing offer an effective solution to protecting and maintaining your asphalt surface. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from deteriorating elements such as UV rays, gasoline, oil and variating climate change.

Before even starting the sealing process, we take great pride in making sure your asphalt receives a full cleaning service. All dirt and debris is cleared using powerful gas powered blowers. Any vegetation that may be growing in the perimiter of your pavement, or from inside cracks, are removed to ensure all your asphalt is sealed.

The perimeters of your asphalt are protected using high grade painters tape as well as wooden boards to protect the rest of your property from any chance of over spray. This way, the sealant stays on the asphalt, and does not touch any other part of your property.

When your surface is ready to be sealed, a professional asphalt technician applies the liquid asphalt directly using a gas powered heated spray unit. The asphalt is heated and agitated within the tank allowing it to cure into your pavement, protecting it from harmful variables. We only use oil based products.

Once the sealing application is complete, your property is taped off, ensuring a proper drying process. Less than 24 hours after application, your asphalt is ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Your asphalt surface will now appear matte black.